Celebration of Everlasting Life and Love


"You are Brilliant. You are Powerful.

You are Limitless. You are Love."

- Starla Lewis


Celebration of Everlasting Life and Love, C.E.L.L., is a Life Mastery consulting firm, founded by Starla Lewis. C.E.L.L. provides services, programs and products that empower people to love themselves and see themselves in others by transcending and embracing life’s experiences.



Starla Lewis, CEO of C.E.L.L. Consulting, is an expert in the area of Women’s Studies, African American Studies and Ethnic Studies. As a teacher, life coach and diversity coach, Starla creates an “edu-taining” environment through her experiential presentations, workshops and trainings.


She is a seven-time recipient of the Mesa College Teacher of The Year Award and two-time recipient of the Bob Marley Peace Award. In 2015 she was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame and was recognized by KPBS as a local hero.


Starla is a poet, as well as the author and illustrator of Sunkisses, a multicultural/ multilingual coloring book. She is also the Co-Creator and Facilitator of "Woman’s Worth: Reclaiming Our Divinity & Our Destiny"


For over forty years Starla Lewis has dedicated her life to teaching people how to use love to address lifes issues and see themselves in one another. Through her work she affirms that all people are: “Brilliant, Powerful, Limitless, Love.”


ISHE is a Creative Visionary. Artist, Mother, and Author/Illustrator of an award winning children’s book entitled, “Sol The Super Hairo”, which is a story that celebrates the glory of natural beauty for children!


She has dedicated over 20 years to empowering diverse audiences through the arts. Her purpose is to inspire women to fearlessly and fiercely embrace their creativity, authenticity and inner beauty!


ISHE is the Co-Creator and Facilitator of "Woman’s Worth: Reclaiming Our Divinity & Our Destiny". Through "Woman’s Worth", ISHE’s mission is to provide an authentic experience where women and future women are uplifted and celebrated by coming together to remember, reclaim and rejoice in our feminine power!


ISHE’s motto is “The more we reveal, the more we heal!” And she believes that one of the first steps in creating strong confident girls and women is through reclaiming our power, honoring our bodies & redefining who we truly are!



& Services

Woman’s Worth: Reclaiming Our

Divinity & Our Destiny!


Is a multigenerational Women’s Empowerment Experience that focuses on identifying, healing and breaking the cycles of pain that stem from sexism and the unrealistic standards of beauty projected on Women throughout the world. This powerful presentation facilitated by 3 generations of mothers and daughters encourages and inspires Women to love, reclaim, restore and revive the “Divine Woman” that lives within “All Women!”

Woman's Worth: 3 Part Women’s Empowerment Series


Part 1: Redefining Womanhood: 
A powerful dialogue around the complex definition of what it really means to be a woman.


Part 2: Rebuilding Our Self Esteem: 
Receiving “Tangible Tools” to rebuild self-esteem and restore self-worth from the inside out, because “Confident girls and women make wiser decisions!”

Part 3: Reclaiming Our Worth: 
An impactful discussion identifying, and collectively examining some of the issues that stop us from seeing our own value, loving ourselves, and living in our divine purpose!


The Inside Outside Circle:

The Art of Listening


Is a powerful and provocative workshop that focuses on healing and rebuilding healthy male female relationships through “The Art of Listening”. This captivating, interactive workshop offers an eye opening inside look into the complex minds, hearts and spirits of women and men. This experience creates a safe space for men and women to listen and learn from each other’s raw honesty. Understanding is the essence of love and this workshop is essential for building solid healthy relationships!


Diversity Community Club


Do you believe that we have the power to create peace and justice in our communities?

We invite you to join “The Diversity Community”. As a member, you will be supported by expert coaches in the field of diversity, and together we help you develop the skills to be more conscious, competent, connected, and comfortable when addressing topics of diversity.





Multilingual Coloring & Activity Book with Love Messages

Sunkisses fosters a positive self-image amongst multicultural girls and affirms that all girls are brilliant, powerful, limitless love.


This coloring and activity book translated in English,

Spanish and French, promotes self-acceptance and sisterhood by encouraging young people to see and celebrate themselves in one another’s similarities and differences.

SOl the



A Children’s Story Celebrating the Glory of Natural Hair!

A beautiful, vibrant and rhythmic story that celebrates the glory of natural hair and natural beauty!

This animated tale is about a little girl named Sol who enthusiastically and unapologetically loves herself!


She’s on a mission, to make sure that every child feels celebrated and empowered by knowing the value of their own unique natural beauty!

heart love


of the soul

Winner of the San Diego Book Award for Best Poetry Book of the Year (2002), Heart Love is a timeless text and literary resource that is suitable for classrooms, as well as the home collection.


This 46-page book, written and illustrated by Sherehe Yamaisha Rozé Hollins, takes readers on a poetic journey through self-discovery, history and cultural affirmation.

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